October 7th, 2009


Что будет с социальными сетями в будущем? Создатель формата баркемп приезжает в Петербург

Сообщение из Питера:

Крис Мессина был одним из тех кто придумал формат баркемп, а также является активным пропагандистом Open Web, OpenId и других открытых форматов. Мы пригласили Криса выступить 12 октября в Петербурге в институте ИТМО с темой Identity is a Platform.

Hello Russia! Hello St.Petersburg!
I am Chris Messina. I live in San Francisco and in Oct 12 I will hold a Talk in St.Peterburg University of Information Technologies, mechanics and Optics (SPb GU ITMO).
Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter's have received a lot press as potential «game changers.» They are inching the web away from a document-centric model — where the primary activities are searching and information retrieval from vast databases — to one that is more engaging and people-centric.
The document-centric model of the web has driven massive value to the Googles and Microsofts, and yet they continue to expect more of the same. But the web is becoming social, and the same rules do not apply. On the social web, value is driven to individualsfrom their extensions into the network —where identity is the platform — and the popularity of technologies like OpenID and Facebook Connect bear this out.
In this talk, I will discuss the trends and technologies driving this shift, and the potential of the people-centric model for companies, products, and individuals.
Chris Messina
— Chris Messina is on the boards of the OpenID and Open Web Foundations, run Citizen Agency and work on the Diso Project, decentralizing social networks. He co-founded the BarCamp and coworking communities (PBWiki).
All truth about creating BarCamp format we will tell you later!
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Что будет с социальными сетями в будущем? Создатель формата баркемп приезжает в Петербург